Surviving 5 minutes in Crypt Wizard

Apologies in advance: The tileset used in this tute is out of date but hopefully you get the idea.

1) dig out a stockpile

2) dig a 3x3 space for a mason

3) at the mason build 3 deathbeds, and 2 pedestals and a door

4) dig out 3 bedrooms for dwarves - they are 2x2 in size

5) dig space for door and passage out of your dungeon, to funnel invaders towards your pylon

Your pylon not only provides supply but is also a defensive structure and will shoot at enemies.

Try and tunnel out like this: note the door is close to the pylon

to actually build the door:

6) scout for marble, the rock you need to make your spawners with. Methods for scouting ...

7) at the mason your dwarves will auto-craft spawner skulls (since presently it is the only thing you can make out of marble)

8) make a barracks. For each barracks you need:


That is just the beginning ... !